Why Modern Students Get A Lot Of Homework

Research by Stanford University in 2014 showed the problems of many homework assignments. Students cited reasons they feel overwhelmed as deteriorating relationships with family members, lack of time, and stress in the study. Therefore, the question is the optimum amount of homework is. According to educationist Denis Pope, learners in performing social groups who spend a lot of time on homework face communication issues, life imbalance, mental/physical problems, and stress. According to Stanford University studies, spending over 2 hours to study after school has undesirable effects on the learner’s health.

The optimal amount of homework

Concerning developing, observing the world around, reading, traveling, and learning, too much is never enough. A crowded work or learning schedule is not a good phenomenon. That’s why professionals at Do My Homework 123 can help you spend more time on interesting activities, allowing your mind to rest and your bodies to relax. Not having enough rest is bad for health, and few teachers understand this phenomenon.

According to educationist Denis Pope, it is suitable for students’ health to spend more than two hours on homework assignments. American parents get worried that their children lack adequate time to complete their home duties. In addition to many homework assignments, an average American student does the following activities partying, leisure with friends, fan clubs, and sports clubs. Studies found two categories of parents, namely parents in support of a limited number of homework assignments and parents supporting many homework assignments for all subjects.

Parent’s perception of present homework assignment tasks

One parent complained that teachers assigned her daughter tremendous homework tasks during the summer holiday; the child spends six days every week doing different homework assignments. According to the patent literature and language, teachers do not offer enough writing skills and knowledge because her daughter does not like writing. One family debated the overwhelming sons’ homework assignments schedule more than his fathers’ part-time job schedule. The family desires more time with their children since they have many activities to accomplish together, such as practicing music, shopping, playing table games, traveling, swimming, and fishing. Parents ask the rationale for their children to dedicate all of their free time to homework assignments. A California secondary school teacher suggests that students ought to spend more time with their family members.

Knowing the desired amount of homework

Normal family activities are more effective when blended with modern learning tools. Limiting the summer holidays is the worst thing some schools are doing. However, most secondary school teachers from Phoenix believe that schoolchildren tend to forget over half of the learned material over the summer holiday. Besides making the vacation short, the schools increase workload by allocating more homework assignments, resulting in stress on students. 

According to research done by Denis Pope, journalists and teachers analyzed three criteria to get the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing time on homework assignments as student behavioral engagement, student well-being, and perceptions on homework assignments. The study found out that students spend an average of 3.1 hours on homework assignments every evening. 

The solution to the right amount of homework assignments

According to Benjamin Franklin, investing in knowledge has high returns, and many people know this notion. However, spending your entire lifetime on learning is not healthy. Educators propose spending the utmost two hours of your evening time on homework assignments. For their growth and development, children should see the environment around them and engage in practical activities around them.

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