Why Giving Assignments Should Not Stop

In recent years up to date, there has been a debate that has been going on for a while about if homework assignments should be immediately stopped in various institutions. Some people may say that homework assignments may limit the time that the students used to revise their books for examinations. Is this act of banning homework in schools, right? Why do you think parents are not talking about this? Why aren’t you encouraging the idea of how homework was necessary for their days? The most surprising part about the topic is that students are the ones who are against having homework assignments. Students mostly like having a lot of leisure, such as going to the beach, clubs, etc.

But to a large extent, the importance of having homework assignments outweigh the disadvantages of homework assignments. The best part about having homework is that homework has connected the students, parents, and teachers mutually. Assignments usually are done in institutions for a long time.

Below are some of the reasons why giving homework assignments should not be immediately stopped in schools.

  • Home environment

It was severely proven that it is a good idea to do his or her homework at home. A student is usually distracted when he or she does her assignment in schools. It is because the classroom offers various and unnecessary competitions and other stressful elements. When you do your assignments at home, it can be an excellent motivation for your fellow students. Homework helps one to set his priorities, keep time, and also do the work alone with hardly any help from others.

  • Boost of interactions between teachers and students

When doing assignments, the interactions between teachers and students are rapidly boosted in a way that when students will need guidance and critical feedback. In most cases, teachers love to give their students support in what they do. Teachers, professors, students, and tutors keep track of the progress of their students’ studies by giving them homework assignments.

  • Improve skills of presentation

Almost all students love to make an impression on their teachers. They will always try to do everything to their best and get everything done correctly in an efficient way. Homework helps students to improve on their skills of presentation, which will, in turn, be helpful in the building of their career.

  • The element of self-responsibility

Most students have the habit of postponing when they will do homework or other assignments. They may relate to class or not. But when it comes to the assignment that is usually given to them(students) in class, the students have the feeling of responsibility to do their homework in time.

  • Cure against weakness

Homework is one way that teachers or students can test the rate at which they understand specific topics clearly. The level of the ability in which a student understands and independently works out his assignments gives the instructors a clue on the level at which the students comprehend.

  • Life skills in students

Assignments are generally not done alone, but they are usually done in groups. Homework is very vital to students because it develops the habit of teamwork. Teamwork is an essential tool in career building because it enhances productivity and motivation.


The advantages of homework start at school. Understudies who complete their assignments effectively improve their odds for academic achievement. In any case, schoolwork creates propensities and mentalities that work to an understudy’s preferred position a long way past the study hall.